Doing Good Network is an Internet-based social enterprise that employs Internet and mobile technologies and digital media to raise funds for our sister organization, “Bands4Good Challenge”.  Bands4Good Challenge is a qualified 501-c3 fiscally sponsored program under United Charitable Programs based in Falls Church VA (   

A Bands4Good “Challenge” is an innovative & cost-effective way to raise awareness and funds for various causes by employing a proven strategy of combining music with fundraising but in a virtual environment.  A Challenge provides talented, “purpose driven” musicians unprecedented exposure and the opportunity to “do good” with their music while helping to raise funds for a chosen cause. 

Artists are invited to enter their music video into the Challenge and compete in a global "American Idol/Voice" like, “donate to vote,” social media event.   Prizes are awarded to the Fan Favorite, Judge’s Pick and the Contestant who raises the most funds (Charity Champion). 

Our causes can vary and be customized to embrace different performing art forms and charitable purposes.  We can conduct a Challenge for multiple, unrelated nonprofit organizations serving a single cause or multiple chapters within a single nonprofit organization.  Being entirely Internet and mobile-based, there are few geographic limitations and our proprietary software platform is capable of accommodating hundreds of participating organizations, schools, thousands of musician contestants and millions of donation votes. 

Doing Good Network conducted 2 proof of concept events.  Our 2013 Bands4Good Challenge “pilot” was dedicated to raising awareness and funds for North Carolina Military Veterans and active duty personnel and seven NC nonprofits which serve them.  Our 2014 Challenge, more national in scale, was produced to raise awareness and funds for music education and seven nonprofits dedicated to keeping music in our grade schools.   Nearly 200 talented contestants from the US, UK, Canada and Australia chose to participate and garnered more than 3,000,000 votes and over $250,000 in earned media nationwide. 

Check out a couple of videos to get the flavor of our 2014 Challenge

Once our sites are live again, we will make additional refinements including ways to provide financial incentives to our artists in return for their active participation.  Should you wish to compete, sponsor, advertise, collaborate or volunteer, please reach out to Co-Founder & CEO Fred Fletcher at




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Both the Doing Good Network and Bands4Good Challenge competition websites were hacked and severely damaged several weeks ago and we are working diligently to restore them to their original, robust condition. 

In the meantime, please find below a narrative of the Doing Good Network’s mission and methods!